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Hallmark 1
French Seams

French seams offer a streamlined look with a single line of stitching, providing both aesthetic appeal and durability.

Hallmark 2
Hidden Button-Down Collar (optional)

Hidden button-down collars ensure the collar points stay in place, eliminating the struggle of keeping them inside a cardigan or v-neck sweater. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who prefer to wear their shirts without ties, as the collar maintains an aesthetically pleasing shape when gently folded over and pinned down. Moreover, they enhance the look of a casually worn jacket without a tie, preventing the collar from popping over the jacket collar!

Hallmark 3
Split Yoke

The yoke of a shirt, the fabric panel behind the collar that goes over the shoulders, can be a single piece or split down the middle and sewn together.

The advantage of a split yoke becomes clear when understanding how woven cottons stretch. With a split yoke, the fabric’s angled orientation adds stretch across the yoke’s width, enhancing comfort during everyday activities.

Hallmark 4
Misalignment Under Armscye

This rare technique, often overlooked due to its complexity, involves a slight imbalance in sleeve symmetry to prevent gaping at the underarm stitches’ junction point. It simplifies ironing and increases comfort and range of movement.

Hallmark 5
Hem Gussets

These small fabric triangles reinforce the junction between the front and back of the shirttails, preventing the fabric from tearing at the seams.

Hallmark 6
High Stitch Density

A higher stitch density per centimeter strengthens the shirt and lends it a more elegant look.

Hallmark 7
Tall Mother-Of- Pearl Buttons made of Australian Shell. Clearly the best in the world

These exclusive luxurious buttons enhance the beauty of your shirt, giving it a refined elegance and style.

Hallmark 8
zampa di gallina button stitching

This technique, which translates to “hen’s foot,” involves hand-sewing all the shirt buttons, creating a unique pattern with the threads.

Hallmark 9
Horizontal Sleeve Placket Buttonhole

A sleeve placket button, or gauntlet button, is a must-have for a quality shirt. Horizontally sewn sleeve placket buttonholes require meticulous crafting, as the button must align perfectly with the buttonhole. This orientation allows for a half inch of movement from side to side, offering freedom from the ‘dig point’ without twisting the sleeve. It also provides an extra half inch of expansion for freedom of movement when bending your elbow.

Hallmark 10
horizontal last buttonhole

The bottom button experiences the most stress when sitting down, so sewing the buttonhole horizontally allows it to endure more stress from pulling and movement without stretching out the shirt or the hole itself.

Hallmark 11
Shirt Cuffs with Watch Allowance (optional)

For those who prefer to wear large watches, we offer the option of a left or right cuff that is approximately 1 cm (or about half an inch) larger than the other.

This design allows the shirt cuff to cover at least half of the watch, if not the whole thing, when standing with arms at rest. While 1cm is standard, clients can choose a bigger or smaller allowance based on their watch size.

Most of our esteemed clients prefer two-button cuffs for their versatility (second image). The choice, as always, rests with the client!

Hallmark 12
Hand-Sewn Buttons with a Shank

Loose buttons can be a big nuisance. Not with our shirts though! Our Mother of Pearl buttons have an additional thread wrapped around the stitch that attaches them securely to the shirt, preventing them from loosening with wear. The shank also creates space between the button and the fabric, reducing strain when fastened and preventing centric wrinkles around each button. It also makes buttoning the shirt easier.

Hallmark 13
no-wrinkle placket

We understand the frustration of a wrinkly shirt placket at the end of the day.

That’s why all our shirts feature plackets sewn with a special interfacing that keeps them straight and unwrinkled.

Hallmark 14
Million Dollar Collar ®

This patented sewn-in collar support technology prevents the placket of your shirt from crumbling under the weight of the collar.

It adds structure and symmetry to the shirt by always holding the collar in place, giving a consistent, clean, and symmetrical appearance.

Hallmark 15
Extra length so your shirt doesn’t untuck when sitting

It’s nice to know that when you sit down your shirt will keep its shape and that you don’t need to keep shoving it back into place. That’s why we always add some extra fabric to our shirts. This means there is more material to tuck into your bottoms. This increased length allows for a deeper and more secure tuck.

Furthermore the additional fabric can provide better coverage around your waistline, ensuring that your shirt remains tucked in, even when you move or stretch. It also helps to maintain a neat and polished appearance.

Reduced Slippage. The extra fabric we add creates friction between the shirt and your pants reducing the likelihood of the shirt slipping out unintentionally.

Hallmark 16
Custom Button Engraving

While many tailoring houses simply embroider a monogram or initials onto their shirts, considering it a job well done, we take a different approach. We firmly believe that our clients deserve more. That’s why we go the extra mile by engraving your name and/or surname onto the Australian MOP buttons of your shirt, ensuring a truly distinctive touch.

2ply and 3ply Fabrics

The terms “2-ply” and “3-ply” refer to the number of yarns twisted together to create a single thread used in fabric. A higher ply number indicates a denser and higher-quality fabric.

Luxurious Feel, Drape, and Appearance: In comparison to 1-ply fabrics, 2-ply and 3-ply cotton fabrics exhibit significantly superior drape. Their higher ply count lends them a sense of opulence, and they always look and feel more luxurious than their lower-ply counterparts. The increased density and fullness of these fabrics always impart a perception of high quality. They also have a smoother, silkier handfeel compared to 1ply of the same thread count.

Superior Durability: 2-ply and 3-ply cotton fabrics offer greater durability compared to 1-ply fabrics because they are composed of two or three, respectively, threads twisted together. Each additional twist enhances strength and longevity, reducing the likelihood of tearing or thinning over time. Additionally, these fabrics are less prone to stretching and tearing and have an excellent resistance to pilling and abrasion even after extensive use.  

Breathability: Although denser than 1-ply fabrics, 2-ply and 3-ply cotton fabrics still maintain excellent breathability. This quality makes them comfortable to wear in various climates.

Absorbency: Moreover, 2-ply and 3-ply cotton fabrics tend to be more absorbent than 1-ply ones. This characteristic proves beneficial in hot weather, as the fabric can effectively pull moisture away from your body and, due to its breathability, through its fibers so it can evaporate. This wicking action helps keep your body dry and cool, even while you’re sweating.

Why we preshrink our fabrics

Cotton fabric has a tendency to shrink, which can lead to ill-fitting clothes. Therefore, our fabrics undergo a pre-shrinking process to reduce the potential shrinkage when they are washed or exposed to moisture. They are also treated according to a recipe that brings out extra level of softness. This ensures that your shirt is not only exceptionally comfortable but also retains its original size and shape, ensuring a perfect fit over time.

One of the many advantages of pre-shrunk fabrics is increased durability. The stabilizing of the fabric’s fibers reduces the risk of excessive stretching, warping, or seam distortion during subsequent washing and drying cycles. As a result, your bespoke shirt will have a longer lifespan, maintaining their original look and feel for years.

Another benefit is increased comfort. Preshrunk fabrics retain their original softness, texture, and drape, providing improved comfort compared to non-preshrunk fabrics. Non-preshrunk fabrics have the potential to shrink irregularly, which can cause the garment to become misshapen and uncomfortable to wear. By using our preshrunk fabrics, you can enjoy the intended comfort and feel of your shirt without worrying about subsequent shrinkage altering its characteristics.

That’s why we always pre-shrink the fabrics we use. It significantly improves the overall quality of the garment and ensures that we create the shirts you truly deserve!

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